The Leading Role of Women


Prospects of Increasing the Leading Role of Omani Women

The current level of women participation in decision-making through women's associations is seen as indirect and is limited to some activities that are implemented at the level of women and not at the level of the family and society in general. Therefore, the Omani Women's Association in AL- Mudhaibi has worked to develop a future vision on the development and spreading women's work through the following:



Providing the opportunity for women to participate in decision-making at a higher rate in economic, social and political community activities that are linked to their local environment:

Providing Omani women with specialized courses that deal with the previously mentioned activities based on scientific and systematic and legal vision that enables women to manage institutions and individuals and take successful decision in many important issues and that enables them as well to learn how to deal with various activities.


Providing women with greater participation in vocational training programs:

Omani women can produce their best in their careers if they are provided with specialized vocational training courses on many professions which women can benefit economically from. To do so, the association will host experts and trainers who conduct training sessions for appropriate periods so as to enable women to participate in the serving their community and family through finding a source of income and enhancing their careers.



Establishing a specialized center for research, studies and statistics:

This center will provide aid and assistance to researchers in the field of women and children and help them in having access to references on family issues, developing this sector, finding solutions to many societal issues, producing books and booklets on all aspects of women and children and raising the awareness of the community on the role of women and what actions must be carried out by the community to improve this sector.


Establishing a center for technology:

This center will train women and especially girls who are at working age to acquire technological skills of scientific development. This will be done through building a computer and Internet lab which will introduce different courses in this area, as well as training affiliated members of the association on conducting electronic programs and designing and producing brochures.



Establishing an information and survey center:

This information centre will carry out some field surveys and provide information on social and economic conditions of the Omani family. It will be a reference for many of the personal data about the Omani family and present the positive and negative aspects in the community and the levels of community development and investigates the services needed by villages in the wilayat.


Establishing a media center:

The main responsibility of this center is to prepare some brochures that highlight all relevant aspects of Omani women and her situation in the society. It will also work to raise the awareness of the community on the need to support women and help in strengthening social ties between the members of the association and the society.



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