Our Objectives


Objectives of the Omani Women's Association

Although these goals may be shared by all the Omani women's associations in the wilayats, some goals may apply to an association more than another due to the environmental, scientific and cultural circumstances of its members.  

The Omani Women's Association in AL-Mudhaibi is working to achieve the following:



Providing social services and guidance on the concepts of healthy life, helping needy and low income families in cases of certain social issues or loss of livelihoods, and providing various forms of material and moral assistance.


Training and qualifying the Omani woman in various crafts and professions that can improve the standard of living of the family.



Organizing charitable projects which profits are allocated for humanitarian programs run by the association in its attempt to realize the principle of "social solidarity".


Providing advice and guidance to women on family organization.



Participating in social and health programs and projects that aim at providing care and facilities for maternity and childhood.


Encouraging the preservation of the customs and traditions based on virtues emanating from the history of the Omani society and its values and from the principles derived from the religion of Islam and working to fight the crippling effects that face the growth and progress of the society.



Cooperating and exchanging visits with other women's associations and other voluntary civil and charities associations in order to have a clear picture of their works and benefit from their experiences.


Contributing to the educational process through the establishment and management of kindergartens and literacy classes.



Cooperating with foreign women's organizations outside the Sultanate of Oman to benefit from their positive experiences in serving women.


Participating in all national, religious, scientific, and social events.



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