Organizational Structure


The Organizational Structure of the Association

In order to achieve the objectives inspired by the Association's role in the society, the association had to lay the foundations and organizational rules of these objectives. Therefore, the Omani Women's Association has worked very hard to accomplish its leadership role in the society through the formation of four specialized committees. Each of these committees deals with a human development aspect in the wilayat. These committees are:



The Cultural Committee

The Head and members of this committee perform its mission in spreading the spirit of joint action for the sake of women's advancement in both scientific and cultural fields. This is done through the opening of literacy classes for illiterate women, who did not attend study seats, as well as holding seminars and lectures and carrying out field visits that aim at fighting legal illiteracy of women, educating them on all laws and updating them on feminist work and the active role that woman undertake in servicing their society and the citizens.


The Social Committee

The head and members of this committee shoulder many works that include the motivation for voluntary works and the involvement of Omani women in the development of programs linked to community development. This Committee also raises funds and financial support for insolvent needy families in the community and conducts seminars and lectures on how to deal with the community and its members in its attempt to reach a socially interdependent community.



The Religious Committee

Since religion has an important role in educating women and children, the head and members of this committee works to spread religious awareness among the association’s members through the opening of schools for teaching the Holy Quran, Hadith, Jurisprudence and Worships. Moreover, this committee organizes seminars and lectures, hosts religious preachers who educate women on religious matters, makes religious competitions and participates in various events through the organization of objective religious ceremonies.


The Health Committee

This is an important committee which works to maintain the health of the community’s members and sheds light on all health aspects through hosting specialist in this field. It also works to form professional support groups aiming at creating an educated and enlightened society on health matters. This is plus updating the society on the latest health developments around the world, and conducting health seminars for members of the association.


The Leading Role of Women