Omani Women Association at Al-Mudhaibi




Omani Women in Oman

The Omani woman has a prominent and active role in various social, economic, political, cultural and other sectors that are linked to the reality and status of the Omani woman in her family and community context. The Omani woman has contributed in the overall development process in the Sultanate of Oman and gained major achievements that strengthened her status and enhanced her creativity and abilities which further develop in her the attitude toward participation in various fields and the eager to achieve more accomplishments. These achievements came as a result of the unlimited support of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - may God protect him – for women and his personal interest in their development and in facilitating their national role so that they can perform their duties honestly and with sincerity and dedication.



All goals, projects and future vision of the Omani woman in AL-Mudhaibi can only be realized through a national sincere and serious stand by the government, civil and private institutions which should support and provide resources that would contribute effectively in enhancing the performance of the Omani woman in the wilayat. This of course will reflect positively on the progress of women's work and will have a good effect in raising the level of the Omani Woman's in scientific, cultural, economic, and social fields. We hope everyone will provide a good help in this regard.


Our Objectives