Chair Women of the Border


The Omani Women's Association in AL- Mudhibi in Brief

Since its’ declaration of in 1983 and in 1986, eleven boards of directors have been nominated and run the Omani Women's Association. These boards afforded the effort in helping the Omani woman to fulfill her role, achieving a quantitative and qualitative leap in the association’s activities and development programs linked to scientific, cultural and social development of women. The association is considered as a central part where women are gathering and, all representatives interact with it in various development fields in order to reach the aspirations of everyone including the family and its members. Women leaders in the Wilayat have contributed in the management of the work of the association and in taking decisions on women’s affairs through careful planning and proper implementation of the many vital programs that met the needs of women. The total number of the Association's members until the end of July 2012, has reached (120) of various age groups and various scientific and multi-cultural levels. These members work to set plans for the advancement of women taking into consideration the customs and traditions of the Omani society and not ignoring at the same time modernization and advances without compromising the identity of Omani women. The association is one of few social institutions that operate in the voluntary field compared to the big Omani Women citizens' population in AL- Mudhaibi which was (29.802) in the 2010 census.



Organizational Structure